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A Magical Gift For Your Kid

Once built, your kids can have their own private space to play around living like they are in a fantasy world.

Make your kid’s imagination grow as they can create their own house, palace, workspace to do homework, etc.


Helps your child to Grow Their Imagination to high peaks.

Enlighten Creativity by building a palace or their own house.

Make Learning Fun through this interactive Fun Fort.

Parents can have a fun time with their kids and make them feel the Warmth Of Their Love.

Easy To Assemble

Make sure that the square side of the connector is always facing up.

Insert the plastic rod into the connector & Insert it into the ball.

Build the Fort shapes you want.

21 x Connectors

45 x Sticks

1 x Building Guide

55 x Connectors

100 x Sticks

1 x Building Guide

110 x Connectors

200 x Sticks

1 x Building Guide

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