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A nail art drawing pen specially designed for nails, our nail art pens can easily create unique and attractive abstract lines, flowers, stripes, and other patterns on the nails, thereby getting rid of the single and unsightly nails.

Very suitable for nail art beginners and professionals.

Designed with both fine and round tips for added versatility.

This pen will help you to make a precise line just where it is needed.

High-quality formula, fast-drying, and water-proof.

The fine tip of the pen is delicate, perfect for drawing lines on nails, it can also help you apply nail powder or sequins.

And the nail pen pigment is smooth and not easy to fade, it is very suitable for embellishing and graffiti on nail tips.

Very suitable for family nail DIY and nail lovers, can be applied on gel nail polish, natural nails, acrylic nails, and false nails.

It’s the perfect gift for girls and women.

Design according to the shape of the pen, easier to apply than pulling line nail gel.

Comfortable to grip and control, easy to graffiti and painting, ideal for making dots, abstract lines, stripes, fine drawing, painting flowers, and various pattern designs on fingernails, make your nails more beautiful and charming.


Size: 13cm x 1cm

Tip Size: 0.05mm

Colors: White, Black, Gold, Silver

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