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Imagine a whole yard full of snow penguins🐧 & little snow ducks🐤

Kids simply go crazy over these little snow buddies!

Creating perfect snow figures is not just Your dream anymore!

Quickly compacts snow to make perfect ducks, penguins, snowmen, snowballs, and more from snow in seconds!

Simply take a bit of snow, close the snow maker and release wherever you want to put your snow duck.

Or, do a snowball fight!

Ace All Your Snowball Fights 

As you prepare for your next snowball fight with these perfect snowball makers, you’ll definitely be the most unstoppable snowballer on the block.

We Took Social Media By Storm Last Winter!

Last winter we went viral!

And we are back again, stronger! 

Among the most popular snow creations were these snow ducks, generating more than 1,000 posts on social media in a few days.

How’s that?

One Kit For All The Fun

The kit includes a snow duckling maker, a penguin snowman, a heart pack as well as a perfect snowball mold.

Not Only A Great Snow Toy But An Equally Good Beach Toy

Children can play with these not just in the snow in winter but they can take them to the beach and make sand balls in other seasons.

Isn’t it just the best gift for kids at Christmas, on birthdays, etc?


🎄Take Over Your Neighborhood With Your Little Army Of Snowmen⛄️

#snowarmy #snowbuddy

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