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Conveniently tie your shoelaces and never worry about loose shoelaces anymore!

Gently unbutton and remove shoes in a flash.

Replace your shoelace with Rotating Automatic Shoe Buckle and no more running hassles and frequent squatting down to tie loose shoelaces!

This Rotating Automatic Shoe Buckle is a quick-automatic lace-up lace that lets you tie your shoelaces in just a few turns of a knob. 

It also has a quick-release function so you can loosen it and remove your shoes in seconds. 


The shoelace is made of the world’s highest-strength fiber. It is strong and reliable.

The knob can withstand 21 kilograms of tension. 

Suitable for a variety of shoes, sports shoes, children’s shoes, casual shoes, Martin boots, etc.

Perfect for running, hiking, and sports.

The package comes with 1 pair Rotating Automatic Shoe Buckle with 1-meter shoelaces.

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