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Reusable silicone omelet mold, not only for the family to create a good meal, but also to make a contribution to the power of environmental protection

This Nonstick Pancake Mold has 7 round rings, separating food from each ring whose diameter is 3in, fantastic fast way to make perfect-sized pancakes.

It is 100% pure premium quality, fadeless, eco-friendly, non-toxic, Fast & Easy Way to Make Perfect Pancakes.

A wide range of temperatures from -104 to 446℉ (-40 +220℃), dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

The food is easy to fall off. So this new design of small air holes around to easily flip and two extended ears to help you to take hot food without getting hurt.

Flip Cooker – the fast, easy, and fun way to make perfect pancakes every time!

 The Flip Cooker flips multiple pancakes at the same time and without the mess.

Just place them in preheated pan add batter and let them brown then simply lift and flip.

The secret is the non-stick, silicone ring.

The side holds the batter to the perfect shape for even cooking, while the flat bottom ring supports everything.

Stovetop-safe silicone while the easy flip grips keep hand away from the heat.

Dishwasher safe. Also great for eggs, omelets, hash browns and so much more!

The fast easy way to make perfect pancakes every time!

Dishwasher safe.

Flip multiple pancakes at the same time.

Flips pancakes without the mess.


Weight: 110g

Material:food-grade silicone.

Size: 39.5 * 23.5cm.


Do not touch a naked flame directly.

Do not wash it with sharp or metal tools.

Clean it up after use in order to avoid damage.

Make sure the pan is not overheated, and cook on low fire.

Make sure the flat bottom ring is flat on the pan, so there will be no leakage.

Please spread butter or nonstick spray on Flip Cooker to keep the food from sticking to the pan.

Package Include:

1 x Flip Cooker.

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