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🎾Free yourself from the hassle of the need to go to the tennis court to practice your tennis game and volley. Also, free yourself from unnecessary expenses, a training partner, or a restricting training environment. With our new Tennis Trainer!🎾

🎾Our Tennis Trainer gives you the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere, and all by yourself!🎾

🎾The tether cord is connected to a base that serves as an anchor, allowing the ball to bounce back for another volley!🎾

🎾Made of high-quality materials, it’s strong, durable, and designed to take powerful shots!🎾

🎾Super-easy to use, simply fill the base with water to give it weight to counter the ball’s motion.🎾

🎾Its lightweight construction, when empty, allows you to bring it with you anywhere you’d like to practice!🎾

🎾It’s a perfect training tool for both novice and professionals alike.🎾

🎾Premium materials & not available in stores!🎾


🎾Premium Quality🎾We guarantee that our Tennis Trainer is very suitable for individual practice to improve your skills. It is made of high-quality materials, lightweight, portable and durable.

🎾Anti-slip Base🎾The Tennis Trainer has a RUBBER BASE making it ANTI-SLIP and SAFE. The BASE can be FILLED with SAND and WATER to provide weight so it can COUNTER the BALL’S MOTION. It is SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT making it SUPER EASY to CARRY ANYWHERE. It is SUITABLE for both BEGINNERS and PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS.

🎾Easy To Use🎾Our Tennis Trainer is very easy to use and convenient for training without the hassle of picking up the ball. It is a great device for you to practice your strokes by yourself. You can develop a faster swing speed.

🎾Suitable Group🎾Perfect Tennis Trainer for all purposes and improving your game of Tennis. Therefore, it can be used for beginners and intermediate players. It is also a great gift for your friends, family members and children who love playing tennis.

🎾Improve Tennis Skills🎾The lightweight and portable tennis rebound ball trainer can be stored and carried easily, it can be set up anywhere and stores easily.

🎾Durable and Wearable🎾This Tennis Trainer is made of high-quality material. The base is made of high-quality plastic. The ball is made of imported natural rubber.


Material: PE

Color: Blue

Rope Length: 3.8m (stretch to 7-8m)

Capacity: 1.1L (filled with water or sand)



1 x The Tennis Trainer.

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