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Peace & Quiet For You AND Them

Skip the usual nightmare of crate training caused by separation anxiety.

Relax screaming, scratching & crying pups who feel scared in just minutes!

Kiss exhausting, bark-filled sleepless nights goodbye.

Your Best Friend Best Friend

Whether at home or traveling, keep your sanity with Heartbeat Puppy!

It’ll comfort them through anything, especially things like rough thunderstorms, howling winds & loud fireworks.

Great For ALL Dogs

Young AND old pups deserve a pal, so spoil your pooch!

Perfect for those who love to cuddle, are working/fostered/rescued dogs, or who’ve lost a friend.

Washable & Long Lasting

To clean, just take out the heartbeat center,  machine wash on cold/gentle, and let it air dry!

AAA batteries last up to a month of nightly use (or 2-3 weeks of all-day use).


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