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Novelty Sliding Track Toy

This toy comes with 3 lovely yellow ducks, 1 stair part as well as 3 sliding tracks.

After assembly and starting the toy, the ducks will be sent to the top one by one and then slide back to the starting point for the next round.


Climb The Stairs Automatically

There is a mechanism inside the main part of the toy that enables the stairs part to work like an escalator.

The lovely ducklings will be sent to the top just like they are taking the escalator.


Ending Point Is Starting Point

With the escalator-like mechanism and the sliding tracks, these little ducks will back to the starting point automatically after sliding down.

Therefore, it can keep working until you stop it.


Safety Material

This race track is made of ABS material, safe to use and reliable, all parts of the toy are round and smooth, without sharp edges, which can protect children well when in use.


Easy To Install And Carry

This roller coaster toy is small and easy to disassemble;

After disassembly, it can be carried almost anywhere, such as taken indoors, to the garden, to the beach, and to the queue, then you can assemble it in order, and children can start to play.


Funny Design

The toy set is equipped with flashing LED lights, and the toy has a fun soundtrack and upbeat music (with an on/off button), when you start, the toy set will climb the stair with the music, and then slide down the slide.


Battery Power Supply

Use the battery to power, no charging cable is required, easy to place anywhere without being limited by the length of the charging line, and can be placed away from the socket hole, protecting your baby’s safety.

The package does not include a battery.

Practical Toys

This climb stairs toy with musical effects can promote baby’s development, fun songs and upbeat music can develop baby’s visual perception, help them identify colors, and help young children develop hand-eye coordination.


Great Gift For Kids

Nearly no babies can refuse such an interesting toy with creative function and a lovely appearance.

Kids can assemble it independently although assembly is required because there are only 3 tracks needed to connect.



1x Automatic Stair-Climbing Ducklings Race Track Set

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