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✨Fancy and creative boiled eggs

✨Lock protein. Delicious and nutritious

A good day starts with breakfast🥰

The perfect kitchen utensil for preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or mealtime recipes.

What a cool gadget! Making those lovely eggs may take a while, but it’s mindfulness in action.

If we put the care into growing, making, and eating our food, we’d probably be healthier.

Makes interesting recipes, just add vegetables, flavoring, and whatever to make eggs more healthy and delicious.

✨You will never peel eggs again and again! Enjoy the fun of fancy boiled eggs.

✔️Fda approved and BPA free: The silicone egg cooker is perfectly healthy and safe.

We have been tested it and approved it. It is easy to clean. Unbreakable and eco-friendly.

✔️Easy to use:

1. Put the separated egg whites into the mold.

2. Align the card slot and install the mold, and cook for about 12 minutes.

3. Pour the egg yolk into the formed egg white.

4. Heat for another 8 minutes and let it cool naturally.

Includes 6 pods with lids.

The set has 6 individual egg boilers with a lid making you prepare 1-6 eggs at once.


Package includes:

1*Egg cooker (including egg white separator, oil brush, cleaning brush)

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