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The Corrector Kit reduces pain and helps prevent or correct moderate misposition of the big toe.


These Bunion Correctors are designed for both men and women that seek pain relief like:


Pain in the toe joints

Friction from sports

Hammer’s toe

Overlapping toes, bent toes



Bunion. Hammertoe. Overlapping toes.

These may form from wearing narrow uncomfortable shoes or from your walking manner.

The big toe’s joint carries much of the weight and any deformations may cause constant unbearable pain.

What bunion corrector can help you with:

Ease pressure on the bunion

Straighten and realign toes

Prevent toes from overlapping

Prevent skin from irritation and inflammation

Halt progression of hallux valgus deformity

 Before  /   After

The bunion corrector brace also helps maintain surgical fixation of the big toe after hallux valgus surgery.

The set is recommended for men and women, for night and day, indoor and outdoor, for hallux valgus deformity, wrong position of the big toe, overlapping toe, and crooked toe.

The products are tested by the best professionals so that you and your family can use them with effective results:

– Relieves bunion pain while walking or sleeping.

– Restores the natural movement of the foot.

– Comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The best way to use it:

– Start using a bunion corrector while sleeping or barefoot.

Wear the splints for short periods of 30 minutes per day and then gradually increase the amount of time until you can wear them for a few hours a day.

– In case of inflammation, apply ice to your bunions before and after using the splint.

– Stop using in case of skin diseases or injuries to the affected area

– Hand wash, with the straps closed.

Don’t use fabric softener or bleach, just air dry

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